Paint colour for 2022 announced – October Mist sweeps the UK’s homes

The Benjamin Moore Paint Colour of the Year 2022 has just been announced – October Mist.

Inspired by the silver-green stem of a flower, October Mist is a paint colour hue of shaded sage designed to anchor a space yet encourage creativity through colour. It is a key colour in the wider Colour Trends 2022 palette of 14 hues.

Muted greens feature heavily including lighter grey-greens and fern inspired colours, through to stronger dark sages and grass greens. These are alongside other natural colours such as creams and beiges, but there are also splashes of the dramatic in a bold shade of red and a deep denim blue.

Paint Colour 2022 Benjamin Moore

The importance of paint colour for 2022

How people decorate their homes has become more important than ever. In 2020 and 2021 the UK spent much more time in their homes through necessity. Even as we move into what we hope will be happier times, a new shift towards hybrid working and working from home, and a greater emphasis on a good home-life balance means that people’s homes need to be a place they love to be in. In addition, many people are looking beyond balancing their laptops on a sofa cushion and moving the fruit bowl off the kitchen table every day and establishing a home office space that is both fit for purpose, but also a place they want to work in.

It’s a situation where office workers can escape the utility, school style magnolias of large office buildings, and have a unique place to work, whether it’s using paint colour to section off one corner of a room, or a whole dedicated home office.

Paint colours inspired by nature

This new palette of paint colours, as chosen by experts at Benjamin Moore, focuses on nature-based colours including greens, blues, and floral shades. The human tendency to seek connections with nature – sometimes called Biophilia – can be an important component of decorating for wellbeing, which is possibly why blue, green and natural shades are so often featured in popular interior design.

If you’re looking for advice on a colour palette for your home for 2022, get in touch with AJW Painting and we’d be happy to discuss how we can help.