Interior Decorating, Which Shade of White To Use?

Have you ever wondered why they are so many different shades of white available? It can be a minefield of white, brilliant white, pure white and all the varying shades in between! Without lots of testing pots, how do you know which is the right white for you?

White can look very clinical, so to soften the feel you need a shade of white with a little warmth to it. Benjamin Moore produces the perfect solution to this called Simply White which has a slight hint of cream whilst still being very light. Also varying other shades of white.

The Dulux Heritage range offers a wide range of whites, from Swedish White, Chalk White, China White, Linnet White, Grecian White, Piano White, Roman White, Mallow White and many more. Example, this photo shows Swedish white with maritime teal.

Swedish White & Maritime Teal

Another amazing shade in the Benjamin Moore range is Decorators White.  This utilises a slight grey tint making it very versatile to use on walls, ceilings, woodwork, and radiators and is a perfect complement to a feature wall. Suggestion, Decorators white paired Aegean Teal.

The benefit to using an off-white shade on woodwork means that you don’t have that annoying discolouration in years to come, keeping your paintwork looking fresh and clean. If you are looking to achieve that seamless minimalistic look for your interior, use the same colour on your walls, woodwork, and radiators, add in some striking soft furnishings and you have a room to be envied. For a more dynamic look, try using a very light shade on the ceiling and woodwork, a mid-shade on the walls and a darker shade for a feature wall, giving you the perfect backdrop for your key furniture pieces. Alternatively use the same colour on ceilings, walls, and woodwork with a contrasting feature wall colour.

If you use white ceiling, white woodwork, and pair it with a deep rich colour, you will have a classic seamless elegant room.

If you prefer to introduce wallpaper as a feature wall in your decorating project, you can always pick a paint colour from the Benjamin Moore or Dulux Heritage range that will complement your chosen wallpaper.

If using wallpaper as a feature wall or 4 walls in the room, try picking colours in your wallpaper for your ceiling and woodwork.

Staircases can be a feature point in some houses, or you may be looking to blend the staircase into the background.  If you are looking to do the latter, painting the wood of the staircase in the same colour as the feature wall colour or main wall colour will achieve this symmetry and make the room feel bigger.

Elephants Breath

This was a large open plan room painted in Elephants Breath on the walls the woodwork and ceiling in white. This made the room feel bland.

We updated the colour scheme here using the Benjamin Moore paint colour Chantilly Lace for the coving, ceiling, and woodwork. Stonnington Grey for the walls and a feature wall in Iron Mountain.

The mood lighting for night-time television transforms this room giving it a cinema feel and the rich undertones of Iron Mountain, blend perfectly for use around the fire and chimney, enhancing the glow of the wood burning fire during the evening for a warm and cosy feel. This also gave the effect of losing the chimney and fire place in the background

Inca Orange

The feature in this bathroom is most definitely the bright ceiling in Inca Orange from Dulux Heritage range. We have teamed this with Skimming Stone on the walls, radiator and woodwork.

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