Feature Wall And Interior Trends

You may be sitting one evening and thinking how could you add interest to your room? Feature walls can be like marmite, people either love them or hate them, or potentially they may not be done right! Either way Feature walls are coming back in fashion and not in the usual stye of paint or wall paper, but in the form of textures like orange peel, popcorn and sand swirl or more tactile surfaces such as wood, fabric, bamboo and stone.

The pandemic has since led to a shift in working patterns, while we used to spend time commuting to an office, our daily commute could be walking downstairs or across the landing to work in our own homes.  Whilst this was a novelty to begin with, its now become permanent for many people, striking up the importance of creating flexible spaces within the home to create sanctuary and dedicated work spaces. The pandemic has given many the opportunity to focus on home improvements with a little more disposable income due to social restrictions.

Accommodating these different needs within either small or large spaces can transform the space into your desired style without overpowering a room. Its important to also consider the architecture of your room, do you have a fireplace, this is usually the focal point of the room and how can you complement this. You might possibly have a brick wall, this could be turned into the feature by painting it.   Wood can add warm to create a sleek or rustic feel, if you don’t like wood, stone can create a similar look with a modern industrial vibe.  Wall murals can be effective in many ways to transform a space but a particularly good option when there is no window and you can bring the outside in to create the illusion of an outdoor scene.

The key before making your final decision is to look around for inspiration, decide if you prefer  texture or more a block colour, and don’t forget wallpaper no longer has such a stigma of being hard to work with and is easier to apply and remove. Think about the purpose and function of the room and ensure your design ideas complement a space for relaxation, be it a bedroom, bathroom or living room, or if it needs to be vibrant for creativity and working in. At the end of the day you need to enjoy the space and

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