The Use Of Colour In The Home For People With Alzheimer’s

The association of colour for people with Alzheimer’s may not be obvious or spring to mind, however colour in the home really can help on a daily basis. In this blog we are going to look at creating a unique space to help with both physical and mental well-being. It can become a challenging time when a family member is faced with this condition, and how to adjust the home to accommodate new and varying needs. It is best to use cool and calming colours such as blues, browns and yellow. Bold colours can be over stimulating and energetic, these colours would include reds, oranges and bright greens.

Lighting is also very important to someone with Alzheimer’s, using the paler shades means we should also use a contrasting colour for navigating the edges of shelves or even the edge of the bath. Depth perception for patients with Alzheimer’s often decreases, try to use natural light where possible and avoid using floor or wall coverings containing patterns. If the person has a lot of mirrors, it might be a good idea to limit the number there are, often a patient can become confused and not recognise themselves in the mirror leading to distress.

The above are all important, but this is not to say we are trying to create a clinical environment. Remember to make the home full of fond memories, from hanging photographs, is there a hobby they had which can be displayed for them to identify with? Make sure it really feels like it is their home, creating a tranquil and relaxing space they can feel at peace with and not cause sudden confusion or raising anxiety. Create a home environment that is simulating their minds and cognitive functions as they move around, but also gain their input as to how they would like their home to be decorated, which is also an opportunity to keep those brain cells functioning. Creating a familiar space is key in aiding the person to feel comfortable in each room, from the dining room to stimulate the appetite and the bathroom for relaxation the space is going to be important to them thinking about what they are able to do supporting their independence.

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