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AJW Painting And A Team Of Dulux Select Decorators Volunteer At White Lodge

A team of Dulux Select Decorators has played an instrumental role in helping a charity that supports children and adults with disabilities in Surrey to repaint its respite facility. Jason Webb of A J W Painting Contractors Ltd, a member of the Dulux Select Decorator scheme, volunteered to redecorate areas of White Lodge in Chertsey, which offers crucial support to over 2,500 disabled people, their families and carers. To support White Lodge and Jason, a small team of other painting professionals from the 575-strong community of Dulux Select Decorators came together and pitched in to help him complete the work. >>Read the full story  Here at AJW Painting, we cover all areas in Berkshire, Surrey and Middlesex. If you would like to get in touch and discuss your [...]

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Gutter Cleaning – Why It’s Important For Your Home

One of the most fundamental jobs of a home is the upkeep of the guttering, but the job we all forget, until they start to overflow with the next heavy downpour! Here at AJW painting we can put your mind at ease and take the stress away with one stop solution. We know how important it is to keep your gutters clear to prevent those nasty problems that can occur from mould, mildew, or corrosion, it may not be just what they eye can see but develop within the wall itself. So why is it so important to keep my gutters clean I hear you ask? Gutters form the collection of rain and storm water guiding it off the roof and preventing it from running down the side [...]

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AJW Painting Has Been Shortlisted For The Dulux Select Decorators Awards 2022

I feel extremely fortunate as AJW Painting, to be nominated by four of my customers, for a Dulux Select, Decorators Award 2022 and shortlisted as one of the finalists! The first example of my work is using the Dulux Masonry paint in “Forgotten blue”. My client wanted to turn this tired looking extension into a property attribute adding character and personality.  Weathershield has a unique ingredient of acrylic resin providing a guaranteed 15 years all-weather protection.  The second example uses the Dulux water based weathershield system with a gloss finish. This is a lovely smooth paint to work with which glides on wood like a dream. Not only does this look great but also provides 6years weather protection, mould resistant with a flexibly quality to avoid paint cracks [...]

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The Use Of colour In The Home For People With Alzheimer’s

The Use Of Colour In The Home For People With Alzheimer’s The association of colour for people with Alzheimer’s may not be obvious or spring to mind, however colour in the home really can help on a daily basis. In this blog we are going to look at creating a unique space to help with both physical and mental well-being. It can become a challenging time when a family member is faced with this condition, and how to adjust the home to accommodate new and varying needs. It is best to use cool and calming colours such as blues, browns and yellow. Bold colours can be over stimulating and energetic, these colours would include reds, oranges and bright greens. Lighting is also very important to someone with Alzheimer’s, [...]

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Feature Wall And Interior Trends

Feature Wall And Interior Trends You may be sitting one evening and thinking how could you add interest to your room? Feature walls can be like marmite, people either love them or hate them, or potentially they may not be done right! Either way Feature walls are coming back in fashion and not in the usual stye of paint or wall paper, but in the form of textures like orange peel, popcorn and sand swirl or more tactile surfaces such as wood, fabric, bamboo and stone. The pandemic has since led to a shift in working patterns, while we used to spend time commuting to an office, our daily commute could be walking downstairs or across the landing to work in our own homes.  Whilst this was a [...]

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Colour Contrast For The Visually Impaired

Colour contrast for the visually impaired Colour around the home and how visually impaired people use colour to aid in their movement and navigation around the home is essential for safe movement. In this blog we are going to look at the importance of colour to be inclusive of all people when thinking about design. Whether this is for a public space or in your own home, it is vital to think about how colour is perceived by the visually impaired and how important the right colours are.  Of course there are varying levels of sight loss, however the principles below remain relatively the same. The use of bold bright colours can help distinguish walls and ceilings which can be one of the first things a person does [...]

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How Colour Affects Your Mood

How Colour Affects Your Mood When you are at home do you realise the impact how much the colour of your interior can affect your mood? Perhaps you hadn’t really thought about it? But colour can have a big impact and play a part in your daily life. Colour psychology can evoke different emotions depending on your interior design. The use of warm colours like yellow, orange and red shades tend to have a positive impact of warmth, joy, cosiness and optimism. Whilst cooler hues such as blues can be calming, inviting or welcome a feeling of stability, but a warmer blue that has a hint of red can feel engaging.  Green gives the ambiance of nature linking you to the environment for tranquillity and relaxation for a [...]

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Colour Trends For 2022!

Colour Trends for 2022! When it comes to updating the interior of your house, whether it’s to sell or its for yourself you want to keep it looking fresh and stylish. So here is a little inspiration for the latest colour trends to spruce up your rooms. We are seeing a big trend in colours that are calming, warming and refreshing. Perhaps a bold accent wall paired with neutral tones. We are all more conscious of the environment and how to stop global warming which is reflected subconsciously in the latest popular colours from earthy tones, greens, blues and neutrals. Creating a space for sanctuary and tranquillity brining us closer to nature and lowering stress levels. Of course, every paint brand has selected their own colours for the [...]

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Interior Decorating, Which Shade of White To Use?

Interior Decorating, Which Shade of White To Use? Have you ever wondered why they are so many different shades of white available? It can be a minefield of white, brilliant white, pure white and all the varying shades in between! Without lots of testing pots, how do you know which is the right white for you? White can look very clinical, so to soften the feel you need a shade of white with a little warmth to it. Benjamin Moore produces the perfect solution to this called Simply White which has a slight hint of cream whilst still being very light. Also varying other shades of white. The Dulux Heritage range offers a wide range of whites, from Swedish White, Chalk White, China White, Linnet White, Grecian White, [...]

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Paint colour for 2022 announced – October Mist sweeps the UK’s homes

Paint colour for 2022 announced - October Mist sweeps the UK’s homes The Benjamin Moore Paint Colour of the Year 2022 has just been announced - October Mist. Inspired by the silver-green stem of a flower, October Mist is a paint colour hue of shaded sage designed to anchor a space yet encourage creativity through colour. It is a key colour in the wider Colour Trends 2022 palette of 14 hues. Muted greens feature heavily including lighter grey-greens and fern inspired colours, through to stronger dark sages and grass greens. These are alongside other natural colours such as creams and beiges, but there are also splashes of the dramatic in a bold shade of red and a deep denim blue. The importance of paint colour for 2022 How [...]

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