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Colour Trends For 2022!

Colour Trends for 2022! When it comes to updating the interior of your house, whether it’s to sell or its for yourself you want to keep it looking fresh and stylish. So here is a little inspiration for the latest colour trends to spruce up your rooms. We are seeing a big trend in colours that are calming, warming and refreshing. Perhaps a bold accent wall paired with neutral tones. We are all more conscious of the environment and how to stop global warming which is reflected subconsciously in the latest popular colours from earthy tones, greens, blues and neutrals. Creating a space for sanctuary and tranquillity brining us closer to nature and lowering stress levels. Of course, every paint brand has selected their own colours for the [...]

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Interior Decorating, Which Shade of White To Use?

Interior Decorating, Which Shade of White To Use? Have you ever wondered why they are so many different shades of white available? It can be a minefield of white, brilliant white, pure white and all the varying shades in between! Without lots of testing pots, how do you know which is the right white for you? White can look very clinical, so to soften the feel you need a shade of white with a little warmth to it. Benjamin Moore produces the perfect solution to this called Simply White which has a slight hint of cream whilst still being very light. Also varying other shades of white. The Dulux Heritage range offers a wide range of whites, from Swedish White, Chalk White, China White, Linnet White, Grecian White, [...]

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Paint colour for 2022 announced – October Mist sweeps the UK’s homes

Paint colour for 2022 announced - October Mist sweeps the UK’s homes The Benjamin Moore Paint Colour of the Year 2022 has just been announced - October Mist. Inspired by the silver-green stem of a flower, October Mist is a paint colour hue of shaded sage designed to anchor a space yet encourage creativity through colour. It is a key colour in the wider Colour Trends 2022 palette of 14 hues. Muted greens feature heavily including lighter grey-greens and fern inspired colours, through to stronger dark sages and grass greens. These are alongside other natural colours such as creams and beiges, but there are also splashes of the dramatic in a bold shade of red and a deep denim blue. The importance of paint colour for 2022 How [...]

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