How Colour Affects Your Mood

When you are at home do you realise the impact how much the colour of your interior can affect your mood? Perhaps you hadn’t really thought about it? But colour can have a big impact and play a part in your daily life.

Colour psychology can evoke different emotions depending on your interior design. The use of warm colours like yellow, orange and red shades tend to have a positive impact of warmth, joy, cosiness and optimism. Whilst cooler hues such as blues can be calming, inviting or welcome a feeling of stability, but a warmer blue that has a hint of red can feel engaging.  Green gives the ambiance of nature linking you to the environment for tranquillity and relaxation for a soothing effect.

Let’s also consider the way the light falls in a room reflecting the wall colour onto our skin, ever wondered why a powder room is pink? This is because pink is flattering and complementary to varying skin tones making you brighter to look and feel great.

In contrast neutral tones such as beige, fawn, white or taupe provide a sense of calmness for a space you might want to relax in. If you find these shades are a little bland you can accessorize with accent colours such as cushions or throws. Consider switching the colours to transform your room for each season. For a more unique or dramatic look, an accent wall colour in a neutral space can enhance the room using different textures and tones to enhance the mood of the room.

The colours you choose are individual, typically cooler shades such as blues and green which have a calming affect are used in bedrooms, with the more vibrant colours being used in social living spaces to give energy to a space.  Everyone perceives colour in a different way because our reactions to visual stimuli are all different and subjective. Put your stamp on interior design and let your personality shine through to create an energizing space for the kitchen or a zen space to give comfort and relaxation.

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