One of the most fundamental jobs of a home is the upkeep of the guttering, but the job we all forget, until they start to overflow with the next heavy downpour!

Here at AJW painting we can put your mind at ease and take the stress away with one stop solution. We know how important it is to keep your gutters clear to prevent those nasty problems that can occur from mould, mildew, or corrosion, it may not be just what they eye can see but develop within the wall itself.

So why is it so important to keep my gutters clean I hear you ask? Gutters form the collection of rain and storm water guiding it off the roof and preventing it from running down the side of your brickwork or wall, channelling the water away from your property and its foundations.

AJW know how easily your gutters can become block from leaves, debris, and moss, all of which can put a strain on your guttering which can make it become weak leading to cracking or they may become misaligned, causing water to overflow and run down your walls rather than flowing through to the downpipe and away from your property.

If you ignore gutter cleaning and maintenance and wait until they are clogged with soil, leaves and debris, chances are you have waited too long, and some damage may have already occurred.  Deterioration of your gutters can lead to erosion of the eaves damaging the walls causing leaks, many of which may not be visual until it’s too late and you have potential damp in the walls leading to mould inside the house, which will impact the structural integrity of your home.

You may now be thinking, “how often do I need to clean my gutters?” This all depend on the location of your home and its general surroundings. If you have trees within 10 feet of your house then your gutters may need to be cleaned out twice a year, typically if your roof is asphalt with shingle, gradually the shingle granules will loosen and find their way into your guttering. The slope of your roof could also be a determining factor, a low sloped roof may require your gutters to be cleaned more frequently.

Cleaning your gutters may seem a daunting task from the preparation, to ensuring you have a sturdy ladder, protective gloves incase there is anything sharp, not to mention once you start you may find cracks, or essential repairs. AJW can take care of all this essential maintenance for you from cleaning the gutters our, repairs, replacing and repainting if required, AJW is your one stop solution for all essential gutter maintenance to protect your home from potential damage.

Here at AJW Painting, we cover all areas in Berkshire, Surrey and Middlesex. If you would like to get in touch and discuss your guttering  project, please contact us here.