Colour Trends for 2022!

When it comes to updating the interior of your house, whether it’s to sell or its for yourself you want to keep it looking fresh and stylish. So here is a little inspiration for the latest colour trends to spruce up your rooms.

We are seeing a big trend in colours that are calming, warming and refreshing. Perhaps a bold accent wall paired with neutral tones. We are all more conscious of the environment and how to stop global warming which is reflected subconsciously in the latest popular colours from earthy tones, greens, blues and neutrals. Creating a space for sanctuary and tranquillity brining us closer to nature and lowering stress levels.

Of course, every paint brand has selected their own colours for the year within these pallet tones, with examples of spaces bold and vibrant in colour, the use of yellow in a bright room for the feeling of sunshine and the neutral tones for calm and warmth.

A particular favourite paint brand of mine is Benjamin Moore with their chosen colour for 2022 being October Mist, which is a calming and harmonious sage hue creating the perfect base to be creative with colour. The aim behind the colour pallet below is to form a base where people can use colour to express themselves, create harmony and diversity for an individual space.

Colour Trends 2022

Retro, vintage and bold colours are also making a return in comparison to the eco neutral colours we are seeing.  However these are still reflective in the earthy tones of bold greens, or a pop of a bold blue for opulence.

The use of colour in the home is very subjective to each individual, style and shape of room. Remember to keep that in mind when choosing your colours and if the space is small, lighter shades will give the appearance of being bigger. Whereas in a large room creating a bold accent wall can help to draw the room in for that cosy feel of calmness.

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